Happy colors in Languedoc - Art Week September 11-16

Acrylic, brushes, organic wines, olive oils and gorgeous Languedoc!
Domaine De Brousson, a French B & B with a touch of Sweden, is located in the village of La Tour Sur Orb in Languecoc.
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I say that you will be fond of happy colors and that is exactly what Maud Bexelius will inspire you in these days.

During this week, in addition to painting in acrylic, picnic lunches, wine tasting, olive oil tastings, dinner at French restaurants and, of course, Annas dinners with a mix of French and Swedish cuisine with bilogical wines clearly.
The price is 9 850: - / person in a double room and the trip is clear. (At least six people and max eight people)

Just that you like painting is a good start and you bring brushes, paints, paintings to paint, and maybe a tablecloth and a few cardboards and towel to dry the brushes.

Then we'll see if there's any French artist or someone from Languedoc artists.

Traveling here will be the best if we find out where you live, so we link everything and you can get a trip and a rental car.

You can register at or at Maud Art facebook or for more information.

Paint on and be happy, because soon there will be happy colors in Languedoc!